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Presentations & Recordings

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September: Tourism Summit - The Path Forward

This year's Summit concentrated on the steps needed to improve traveller confidence, understand new market trends to build more resilient and inclusive tourism sectors.

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September: Tourism Summit - The Path Forward

View our slide deck for our 2021 Tourism Summit.

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September: Tourism Summit - Keynote Speaker, Leslie Bruce, President & CEO, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

Leslie Bruce has led the team at Banff & Lake Louise Tourism for over six years as President & CEO, With almost twenty years of experience in the travel industry, Leslie has a track record of strong leadership, sustainable growth, and innovative use of technology to deliver results.

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September: Search Console 101 - Marc Rand & Gil Garcia

In this webinar, you'll learn how to optimize your search appearance on Google and increase organic traffic to your website.⁠⁠

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August: Google My Business 102 - Megan LaMarche

In this webinar, you'll learn the value of optimizing your Google My Business listing to help your business rank higher on Google Maps and on the first page of Google Search results.


July: Social Content 101 - Brian O' Grady

You'll find a PDF of Brian's presentation and the recording of the session below.


July: Social Content 101 - Brian O' Grady

In this webinar, learn how to create and publish social content that resonates with consumers, while understanding how you will create a competitive advantage⁠⁠.

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June: Search Engine Optimization 102 - Marc Rand

You'll find a PDF of Marc's presentation and the recording of the session is available below

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June: Search Engine Optimization 102 - Marc Rand

Deep dive into how you can use technical Search Engine Optimization with Google Search Console to make your site more search-friendly. ⁠

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RTO 9 Annual General Meeting - Presentation Slides

Find out how your Regional Tourism Organization for South Eastern Ontario, navigated through COVID-19 in 2020.

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RTO 9 Annual General Meeting

Find out how your Regional Tourism Organization for South Eastern Ontario, navigated through COVID-19 in 2020.

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Ideas Labs: Peer-To-Peer Learning

Each of the six sessions focused on a single topic, designed to ignite conversations around tactical and practical topics, led by an industry topic specialist. View the session summaries below.

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Creating Sustainable Events

Join RTO 9 and Natalie Lowe, The Sustainable Events Forum (TSEF), for an engaging look at steps that event planners can take to move toward hosting sustainable events. Whether your event is small or you are planning ahead for post-COVID larger events, this is a great opportunity to learn from the experts at TSEF.

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Recording: The Importance Of Tourism Research

Join RTO 9, Oliver Martin of Twenty31 and Fran Hohol of CBRE, as we discussed the importance of tourism research, how to use research, and how important it is for current and future decision making.

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Importance Of Research: The Business Case for Research

Oliver is a destination development strategist with over 18 years of experience in quantitative research. He has worked with 50+ tourism management organizations to develop sustainable growth plans and to measure impact. At Twenty31 Oliver advises destinations on how to utilize research insights for development and strategy assessment.

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Importance of Research: A Focus On The Accommodation Sector

Fran is Senior Director at CBRE Limited with over 35 years of consulting experience in the hospitality and tourism sector, including market and financial feasibility studies, needs assessments, economic impact studies, and strategic business plans. Fran is also responsible for CBRE Hotels’ extensive national database on the accommodation sector, including the collection of monthly data on the performance of Canada’s hotel sector (Occupancy, Average Daily Rate and RevPar). This data is reported to RTO 9, along with a National Trends Report for a market comparison to the rest of Canada.

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South Eastern Ontario Consumer Research – Findings & Insight

These presentations include Twenty31's latest research on consumer demand for South Eastern Ontario. Each presentation provides an in-depth focus on destinations in South Eastern Ontario. Presented by Oliver Martin, Twenty31 and Cathy Kirkpatrick, Alphabet Creative.

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March: Anti Racism Let's Get Uncomfortable

LGU’s Shalene Dudley, Founder of Latitude Concierge Travels, is joined by Saiqa Sheikh, Co-Owner of JERKebago and Founder of Diverse Roots Rural Ontario and discuss topics such as the realities of racism BIPOC hospitality & tourism business owners face in the region providers.

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February: Search Engine Optimization 101 - Marc Rand

Put the web to work for you!⁠ Learn how to make your site more searchable.⁠

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November - December 2020 - Shopify Masterclass

If you’ve always been curious about using Shopify for your business, this series of webinars is for you! We’ve teamed up with Shopify to teach South Eastern Ontario business owners what they need in order to create a successful e-commerce presence. From product selection to photography, branding to shipping, we’ve got you covered!

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October 21st 2020 - Welcoming Cyclists in South Eastern Ontario

Learn how welcoming cyclists can be good for your business and destination⁠.

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2020 Tourism Summit

Our annual tourism summit looked a bit different than previous years. This year, we hosted our 2020 Tourism Summit online on September 11th. The day was filled with topics and conversations around COVID-19, the impact on the tourism industry, and the measures being created. Guests speakers included. View presentations and the recording below.

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July 9th 2020 - Providing Traveller Value As Tourism Slowly Reopens

Nancy Arsenault, Managing Partner at Tourism Cafe joins our webinar for an informative and timely presentation addressing what "traveller value" in the current COVID 19-era means. ⁠

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July 6th 2020 - Reputation Management During Crisis

In this webinar, Beattie Tartan Managing Director, Deirdre Campbell, will speak on the steps tourism and hospitality businesses should take to maintain a trusted brand during a global crisis. ⁠⁠

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June 30th, 2020 - Attracting Ontario Tourists Through Innovative Partnerships and Itineraries

We are pleased to partner once again with Eva Gutsche from STEM Consulting to assist tourism operators in the region in strategies to attract local tourists. This webinar will help businesses understand who their short-term Ontario-based customer could be and how to adjust your product offering and how to create unique local itineraries to appeal to that market.

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May 28th, 2020 - Ramping Up as the Curve Flattens

RTO 9 is pleased to partner with Eva Gutsche from STEM Consulting to assist tourism operators in the region in what to expect as businesses start to re-open. This webinar will cover a wide range of topics with immediate implementation opportunities for participants.

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May 27th, 2020 - RTO 9 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for Regional Tourism Organization 9 (RTO 9).

Recording available upon request.

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May 22nd, 2020 - Reopening Guidance for Restaurants, Hotels, and Motels

In this webinar, Tony Elenis, President & CEO of the Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association (ORHMA), discusses what accommodation and restaurant operators need to know to reopen their business in the COVID-19 economy.

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May 21st, 2020 - Engaging Your Customers Through COVID-19

In this webinar, tourism marketing professional Cathy Kirkpatrick from Alphabet Creative, will share useful tips and ideas on how businesses can engage with customers now.  She will share case studies of how other brands and destinations are using this time to be proactive and productive in prepping for future success.

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February 2020 - Content Optimization & Reporting For Travel & Tourism

A look at South Eastern Ontario's content landscape and how we optimize this content to reach a larger audience. Includes basic Google Analytics terms and how to measure conversion.

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Level Up Your Instagram Game - Slides

This workshop will inspire participants to create meaningful content, effectively manage their account, and learn about the latest trends. You’ll learn: How to elevate your current strategy, How to manage your time effectively, Helpful apps to create better content, Analytics and why they matter, How to establish an Instagram brand aesthetic.

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Level Up Your Instagram Game - Notes

Missed out on our workshop? No problem! Here are the notes from our workshop to go with the slide deck above.

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Managing Your Online Presence For Tourism Businesses

How to better manage your online business presence with research to build a great online

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February 2019 - Making Sense of Web Analytics

A look at why website data is so important for not only a marketer, but for tourism operators, and small businesses. Cathy from Alphabet Creative explains what data to track, how to report on this data, and what to do with this data.

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Parts Unknown: Exploring Disruptive Change in the Business of DMO’s

Exploring the drivers of change within the tourism industry.

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July 2017 - Role of a DMO

A review of options and best practices to be followed by a DMO.