Sustainable Tourism - RTO 9

Sustainable Tourism

In 2023 RTO 9 underwent a comprehensive assessment and review process to achieve a Sustainable Tourism Bronze Certification through GreenStep Solutions Inc. and with assistance from the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO).

The mandatory requirements included the signing of a formal letter of commitment, the formation of a destination sustainability committee, a destination evaluation based on globally-recognized criteria, which included 117 questions across four categories, evidence submission, and verification for each question noted as present within the destination, and the development of a Sustainability Action Plan.

Following the assessment, RTO 9 received a final report that recognized where we were doing well and also highlighted areas of opportunity for improvement. We have incorporated this information into our sustainability action plan for continued success on our sustainability journey. RTO 9 will be reassessed every three years to maintain our certification and be held accountable to our action plan.

Below you will find some resources to assist your own tourism business in becoming more sustainable. We look forward to building a greener tourism industry in our region/province to help minimize the impact of travel and protect our mighty waterways, lush forests and local communities.

GreenStep Solutions Sustainable Tourism Certification

Tourists are seeking ways to be more sustainable in their travel, and look for ways to verify businesses engaging in sustainable actions. The Sustainable Tourism Certification shows customers, employees, and fellow business owners that you are doing good things for the world, and have the credibility to prove it.

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Destination Canada's Regenerative Approach to Tourism

An offering from Destination Canada of why and how tourism can more fully support people, place and prosperity—with case stories, principles, and indicators of progress.

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RTO 9 Business Success Stories

RTO 9 is full of amazing entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations who are implementing changes to their daily operations to ensure that they are cognizant of their operations impact on the local environment and how they can reduce it.

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Ontario Eco-Printing Options

We always encourage operators reduce printing wherever possible, but for those necessary print jobs, consider utilizing a printer who is offering greener approaches to printing, including recycled paper and plant based inks.

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Carbon Offsetting Programs

An offset credit can help your business claim the underlying reduction towards your own green house gas reduction goals; they allow organizations to exchange an emission-reducing activity somewhere else in the world.

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