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Indigenous Tourism Ontario

Indigenous Tourism Ontario (ITO) is the province’s first and only dedicated Indigenous tourism organization that focuses on uniting communities, Indigenous organizations, and industry leaders to support the growth of Indigenous tourism in Ontario.

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Cultural Authenticity in Tourism

A tourism product, service, and/or experience that offers a visitor a cultural experience in a manner that is appropriate, respectful and true to the Indigenous culture being portrayed. It also provides the visitor to experience and share a moment with a local that is true to the local way of life.

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ITO Land Acknowledgement Resource Guide

Land acknowledgments are an act of reconciliation, an act of compassion, and an act of mindfulness.

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Ontario Treaties

Treaties are legally binding agreements that set out the rights, responsibilities and relationships of First Nations and the federal and provincial governments.Ontario would not exist as it is today without treaties. They form the basis of the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

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Indigenous Food Tourism

This tool is a self-assessment checklist for Indigenous food tourism businesses, including but not limited to accommodations; attractions; beverage producers; cooking schools; growers, producers, and harvesters; festivals and events; markets; restaurants; retailers; and tour operators.

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Indigenous Tourism Canada

The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) focuses on creating partnerships between associations, organizations, government departments and industry leaders from across Canada to support the growth of Indigenous tourism in Canada and address the demand for development and marketing of authentic Indigenous experiences.

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Other Resources

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