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Fall 2023 Tourism Outlook

Given the ongoing evolution of factors impacting travel, Destination Canada (DC), in collaboration with Tourism Economics, a subsidiary of Oxford Economics, has crafted a revised Tourism Outlook extending to 2030.

The Fall 2023 Tourism Outlook was conducted between June and September 2023, and the outlook’s assumptions reflect the operating context of that time.

This Tourism Outlook presents the current state and future of tourism in Canada with special attention to the opportunity gap that exists and how to mobilize industry and partners to address barriers to growth and unlock the full potential of Canada's tourism sector.

Unless otherwise specified, all financial values are expressed in current (nominal) CAD.

Skift Global Forum 2023 Image

Skift Global Forum 2023: 10 Takeaways for the Future of Hospitality and Travel

For this report, Skift partnered with Accor to provide an overview of some of the most important conversations and insights shared by industry leaders at this year’s event. In the sections that follow, topics are explored across aviation, hospitality, destination marketing, online booking, and more, through executive interviews, deep-dive panels, and Skift research.

Questions addressed in this report:
How are travel’s most creative leaders staying ahead of consumers? Who will win in an increasingly competitive booking ecosystem? How is tourism evolving to balance growth and sustainable practices? Can tech finally streamline a multifaceted experiences ecosystem? What are brands doing to operationalize sustainable travel and make it enticing? What are the macroeconomic trends and signals that will impact travel’s future?

Health Check June 2023 Visual

Ontario Tourism Health Check - as of May 31, 2023

Destination Ontario’s Data & Insights team has released the most recent Ontario Tourism Health Check report highlighting recovery indicators such as accommodation occupancy rates and border crossings. As a reminder, this report tells the tourism recovery story by curating relevant tourism data into a format that visualizes the information for industry stakeholders. The report is based on open-data and is shareable with the Ontario tourism industry.

RTO9 Stats

Resident Sentiment by Region 2022

The Destination Canada Monthly COVID-19 report from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, reflects resident sentiment to welcome visitors to the region of RTO9. You can read the full report here.

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Federal Tourism Growth Strategy

In a widespread effort to build back better and more inclusively, this Strategy recognizes the important role that the visitor economy has to play in advancing progress for equity-seeking and marginalized groups towards a more modern Canada. As such, there are key guiding principles and foundations that underpin the development of this Strategy.

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State of the Ontario Tourism Industry Report

Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO) published its Ontario Tourism Industry Report (December 13, 2022) covering four major areas: economy, labour, infrastructure, and the future of tourism in Ontario. The report discusses various challenges facing the tourism industry in Ontario, including labor shortages, economic instability, bureaucratic obstacles, housing and transportation difficulties, and a lack of investment and development opportunities. It also emphasizes the importance of sustainability and innovation in driving future growth in the industry. Despite ongoing challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the report remains optimistic about the future of tourism in Ontario and calls for continued collaboration between industry and government partners to achieve this goal.

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Tourism Significantly Drives the Economic Growth of Destinations

The tourism sector plays a significant role in improving the livelihoods of people around the world. For the past nine years, the sector has grown at a faster rate than the global economy, resulting in a greater enhancement of people's livelihoods and their communities than most other industries. In fact, the growth of the sector’s GDP per capita outpaced that of the overall economy between 2011 and 2019, with an average annual growth rate of 2.9% compared to 1.7%. This was true for all key regions. Southeast Asia recorded the highest annual growth rate in tourism at 6.7% compared to 3.7% for the overall economy; while the Middle East achieved a 3% growth in tourism compared to 0.3% for the overall economy of the region.


Tourism’s Big Shift: Key Trends Shaping the Future of Canada’s Tourism Industry,

Destination Canada released a new report, Tourism’s Big Shift: Key Trends Shaping the Future of Canada’s Tourism Industry, identifying the key macro, industry, and market trends that will have the greatest impact on Canadian tourism in the coming years, such as accelerated digitalization, labour and skills shortage, and remote work and residential tourism. In January 2022, DC will be hosting industry webinars to delve deeper into the key trends that will impact Canada’s tourism sector and explore the implications for tourism businesses and operators across the country. Details to come soon.

Sept Travel Intentions

Destination Ontario 2022 Travel Intentions September 16

To understand Ontarians’ anticipated travel patterns in the next 12 months

• Measure interest in and the incidence of vacationing within Ontario vs. outside Ontario in the next 12 months
• Assess the opportunities for targeting those planning to travel within Ontario and outside Ontario
• Further drill down to understand the consumer segments that are planning to travel within Ontario and are willing to spend on revenue-generating activities
• Determine what types of vacations and activities these segments are interested in so that Destination Ontario can match its products to the segments
• Better understand who the low-priority targets are and how to overcome barriers to Ontario travel

March Travel Intentions

Destination Ontario 2022 Travel Intentions June 16

Ontario tourism is in the recovery phase. Travellers are more willing to travel and to participate in tourism activities than they were in 2021. More people are willing to travel in the next 12 months than in 2021 when the COVID pandemic travel restrictions were imposed on Ontario.

This Travel Intentions and Motivations Study was commissioned by Destination Canada and was prepared by Forum Research.


State of Tourism in Canada During COVID 19

The ‘State of Tourism in Canada during COVID-19’ dashboard is compiled by Twenty31 analysts to provide a weekly snapshot of recent global, regional and domestic tourism health and economic, and insights on the impact of COVID-19 on the travel and tourism industry’s path to recovery. Insights are derived from a review of myriad global and Canadian media sources, associations, consultancies, and expert opinion from the tourism industry and government. We analyze the current state and future potential of key drivers of tourism recovery, including the most important tourism channels – tour operators, OTAs, airlines, tourism businesses, travellers, and source markets.

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January 2019 - State of Tourism

In 2016, 7.8 million visitors spent $817 million in the region, the total tourism employment impact was 7,078 jobs and there were 6,645 tourism-related businesses in operation.

This document offers a summary of the performance of the tourism industry for the years 2016 through 2018; it includes trends over the previous years and other analyses on the key indicators that offer market intelligence and insights about the state of the industry.