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Access to Talent

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Ontario Disability Employment Network (ODEN)

The Ontario Disability Employment Network (ODEN) is a province-wide organization that brings together businesses and Employment Service Providers to increase employment opportunities for job seekers who have a disability.

Retain & Gain

Challenge Factory Links

Take advantage of all the available tools and research to attract, engage and retain staff offered by the Challenge Factory via the links provided below. In particular, Challenge Factory has been working to close the gap between employers and the hidden talent pool of Canada’s military Veterans. There are many benefits in hiring Veterans, and by following the link below you will be given the tools you need to make hiring this excellent and skilled resource pool easier.

Retain and Gain – A practical playbook of thoughts and ideas that small businesses can take right now (some in only 10 minutes a day) to attract, engage and retain staff.

The Flip Newsletter – a free, monthly newsletter. There is lots of great material in here each month.


The Age of Employees is Here

Many companies say that their people are their greatest asset, but the disruptions of 2020 and 2021 massively changed how people feel about their work. With more workplaces going remote, and more employees feeling burnout, companies have to pivot quickly to keep their employees engaged and effective. Huge waves of resignations are making an impact on employers everywhere; focusing on employee experiences, happiness, and effectiveness is now a top priority. Successful companies are the ones that change to retain and grow their most valuable asset: their people.


Workplace Inclusion Charter

By embracing diversity and inclusion you can help attract new talent and improve business performance. The Workplace Inclusion Charter is designed for businesses and organizations of all sizes and at all stages of advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Charter members have access to assessments, action planning support, training and public recognition. Show your commitment today!

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The Veterans and Small Business Community Challenge Pilot

Discover an innovative, experiential learning initiative that enriches recruitment, onboarding, and hiring capabilities while introducing Belleville, Trenton, and Prince Edward County business owners and hiring managers to a highly skilled hidden talent pool - Canada's Veterans (from April 26, 2022, to May 11, 2022). Reserve your spot today!


Propel Student Work Placement Program

Propel offers post-secondary students opportunities to develop the work-ready skills required to secure meaningful employment upon graduation. Qualifying employers are provided with a wage subsidy of up to $7,500 for each student hired through the program (now accepting applications for Summer 2022).


Supporting Ukrainians Coming to Canada

The Government of Canada has issued a call to all employers who wish to support Ukrainians coming to Canada. Employers with available jobs can visit the Job Bank site to create a posting. Job Bank will then work with local organizations and employers to help connect Ukrainians seeking work.

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Equity and Inclusion for Job Seekers

Job Bank has dedicated tools and resources for groups that may face barriers entering the labour market. Sign up as an employer today if you are looking to attract the best candidates for your job. Focus areas include: Youth, Indigenous people, Persons with disabilities, Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces, Newcomers to Canada, Immigrants to Canada and Temporary foreign workers.

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SIGMA Simple Succession Planning Guide

A loss of key talent can create a catastrophic ripple throughout any organization that is not prepared. Discover the succession cycle and how to develop a roadmap for success.


6 Questions Every Job Post Should Answer

A great job posting can increase your business’ appeal and help you attract quality applicants. Learn how the right details and a creative story can make for a more productive search process!


Canadian Academy of Travel and Tourism

The Canadian Academy of Travel & Tourism (CATT) program introduces and promotes careers in tourism to high school students across Canada. The CATT program is integrated into the current high school curriculum and allows students to specialize in tourism through a successful work and study approach.


Discover Ability Network

OTEC enables persons with disabilities to access jobs and employers to find the talent they need.