Workplace Inclusion Charter - RTO 9

Workplace Inclusion Charter

RTO9 is funding five tourism or hospitality businesses in South Eastern Ontario to get an EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) badge to use in your branding and help attract the workforce you need! Access will be provided to the following supports from KEYS: 

  • An assessment process that helps identify key opportunities and areas for improvement
  • An action plan, developed with organizational priorities in mind and with tangible benchmarks that the organization can work towards
  • Access to trained Inclusion Coaches to implement meaningful workplaces changes to improve inclusion
  • Public recognition

Apply now to have the costs of the certification of your tourism or hospitality business paid for by RTO 9. Only five businesses will be able to be funded – first come first served! Contact Katherine Hobbs at 613-325-8927 or to learn more details on how to apply. 

Why Get Certified?

Diverse organizations are better able to support their business in facing the labour shortage challenges we are experiencing by tapping on the many untapped talents that have been under-utilized for years. A diverse workforce will enhance your ability to connect with people of different ages, genders, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic statuses, and belief systems which is key in making visitors feel welcome in your establishment. Additionally organizations that have a good representation of the community population in its workforce attracts a more diverse client base. 

To show leadership and encourage other tourism employers to make Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) policies a priority, RTO 9 has signed and endorsed the Workplace Inclusion Charter with KEYS Employment Resource Centre in order to adopt Equity, Inclusion and Diversity practices within its organization. RTO 9 is also looking to encourage all the tourism and hospitality sector employers in South Eastern Ontario to make EDI a priority by working with KEYS to complete an EDI Action Plan. Adopting the Workplace Inclusion Charter will assist the tourism and hospitality sector in South Eastern Ontario to improve recruitment effectiveness, realize increased employee retention, and allow for such benefits as the ability to apply for government equity funding.  

The HR integrated EDI policy templates as well as the inclusive hiring practice tools such as job posting templates and sample interview questions are provided on this webpage for your use.  Once your organization completes its EDI action plan with KEYS, it will be awarded and recognized by an EDI badge to use in its branding and promo materials. This badge will be recognized in the community and will be highlighting your business as a welcoming and Inclusive establishment.