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RTO 9 Reports

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South Eastern Ontario Consumer Database Survey - February 2023

These survey results highlight the top findings in our Consumer Database Survey. This survey asked questions about our audience's travel motivations, how they plan for leisure trips, and what they enjoy doing on these trips.

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South Eastern Ontario Consumer Insights Research Wave 2

This report summarizes the topline findings of the second wave of consumer brand research conducted by Twenty31 Consulting on behalf of RTO 9 in February 2022. It presents a current and statistically representative assessment of the market for travel to South Eastern Ontario among travellers in Ontario and Quebec.

Ontario Report Jan 2022

Region 9 Summary

The reports from the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries include:
• The economic impact of tourism in the region
• Visitor Spending by origin and category
• Accommodation statistics
• Tourism related establishment by sector

Tourism Economy

The Tourism Economy in South Eastern Ontario

An analysis of the latest economic and market data

Twenty31 Consulting Inc.
January 2022

Action Plan - Covid image

COVID-19 Immediate Action Plan & Interim Strategy

COVID-19 is likely to be deemed the most abrupt shock to the global economy and society in modern history. The global travel and tourism industry is profoundly impacted and will face a real risk to near-term survival of many tourism businesses and a significant disruption to communities, SMEs, trade channels, and destinations. While we must take serious action to control the spread of the virus, we must also take action to protect the livelihoods of the millions of individuals and businesses impacted. Global tourism may not return to 2019 quickly (e.g., Tourism Economics, a division of Oxford Economics suggests a return to 2019 tourism levels by 2023, under certain conditions), and while tourism may recover albeit in an altered form, our proposal and action plans are developed with a focus on resilience as a competitive advantage with as much downside mitigation for recovery as a first priority once the pre-conditions for the resumption of tourism are met with societal and travel restrictions gradually lifted.