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RTO 9 Reports

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This report summarizes the topline findings of the second wave of consumer brand research conducted by Twenty31 Consulting on behalf of RTO 9 in February 2022. It presents a current and statistically representative assessment of the market for travel to South Eastern Ontario among travellers in Ontario and Quebec.

Ontario Report Jan 2022

Region 9 Summary

The reports from the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries include:
• The economic impact of tourism in the region
• Visitor Spending by origin and category
• Accommodation statistics
• Tourism related establishment by sector

Tourism Economy

The Tourism Economy in South Eastern Ontario

An analysis of the latest economic and market data

Twenty31 Consulting Inc.
January 2022


Tourism’s Big Shift: Key Trends Shaping the Future of Canada’s Tourism Industry,

Destination Canada released a new report, Tourism’s Big Shift: Key Trends Shaping the Future of Canada’s Tourism Industry, identifying the key macro, industry, and market trends that will have the greatest impact on Canadian tourism in the coming years, such as accelerated digitalization, labour and skills shortage, and remote work and residential tourism. In January 2022, DC will be hosting industry webinars to delve deeper into the key trends that will impact Canada’s tourism sector and explore the implications for tourism businesses and operators across the country. Details to come soon.

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How to Adapt to the Labour Shortage Situation

This study is based on two BDC surveys: a survey of 1,251 Canadian entrepreneurs on labour market conditions conducted in May 2021 and a survey of 3,000 Canadians on their jobs and related challenges conducted in June 2021.

This study shows that proven solutions can help Canadian SMEs reduce the impact of labour scarcity.

These strategies include the following:
> adopting new technologies and automation
> using formal hiring processes
> offering a total compensation package


State of Tourism in Canada During COVID 19

The ‘State of Tourism in Canada during COVID-19’ dashboard is compiled by Twenty31 analysts to provide a weekly snapshot of recent global, regional and domestic tourism health and economic, and insights on the impact of COVID-19 on the travel and tourism industry’s path to recovery. Insights are derived from a review of myriad global and Canadian media sources, associations, consultancies, and expert opinion from the tourism industry and government. We analyze the current state and future potential of key drivers of tourism recovery, including the most important tourism channels – tour operators, OTAs, airlines, tourism businesses, travellers, and source markets.

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COVID-19 Immediate Action Plan & Interim Strategy

COVID-19 is likely to be deemed the most abrupt shock to the global economy and society in modern history. The global travel and tourism industry is profoundly impacted and will face a real risk to near-term survival of many tourism businesses and a significant disruption to communities, SMEs, trade channels, and destinations. While we must take serious action to control the spread of the virus, we must also take action to protect the livelihoods of the millions of individuals and businesses impacted. Global tourism may not return to 2019 quickly (e.g., Tourism Economics, a division of Oxford Economics suggests a return to 2019 tourism levels by 2023, under certain conditions), and while tourism may recover albeit in an altered form, our proposal and action plans are developed with a focus on resilience as a competitive advantage with as much downside mitigation for recovery as a first priority once the pre-conditions for the resumption of tourism are met with societal and travel restrictions gradually lifted.

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March 2019 - Product Development Strategy

Product development is the process of identifying tourism product development priorities with the greatest potential to attract key target markets. The current vision and mission of RTO9 reflects the value of partnership and collaboration with the destinations in the region, which is the starting point for a strategy involving many partners and stakeholders.

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January 2019 - State of Tourism

In 2016, 7.8 million visitors spent $817 million in the region, the total tourism employment impact was 7,078 jobs and there were 6,645 tourism-related businesses in operation.

This document offers a summary of the performance of the tourism industry for the years 2016 through 2018; it includes trends over the previous years and other analyses on the key indicators that offer market intelligence and insights about the state of the industry.

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February 2018 - Research and Insights Forum

Within the industry, market research plays a vital role in helping to create compelling products and experiences, to market effectively to the trade and to consumers, and develop and manage destinations. The RTOs and DMOs that have both clearly-defined market research programs – and the trained staff that are able to manage them –are able to be more effective in all these areas than their peers.