Reports & Policy Documents - RTO 9

Reports & Policy Documents


PKF Reports

Monthly accommodation statistics are gathered to monitor trends in the industry. To participate in the program please contact RTO 9.


Ministry Statistics and Other Reports

The Ministry of Tourism Culture and Sport gathers various reports and forecasts to provide tourism operators with access to current tourism statistics. OTMPC reports can also be found here.


Bylaws & Policy Documents

RTO 9 is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, that guide the organization by adhering to the Bylaws and Policies that have been developed to provide transparency and fiscal responsibility.


Travel Intention Surveys

To better understand our traveller’s activities and intentions, RTO 9 has conducted travel intention surveys in 2017.


DestinationNEXT Reports

During the Fall of 2017, RTO 9 gathered results from Industry Stakeholders to complete assessments of each Destination, including asset mapping.

Marketing Opportunities

Hyllo Reports

During the Summer of 2017, RTO 9 conducted a pilot project to track visitors in the South Eastern Ontario region tracking online and offline behaviour.

Reports & Policy Documents

RTO9 Consumer Insights Survey Final Report

We conducted a pilot Consumer Insights Survey to develop a better understanding of the potential and existing South Eastern Ontario visitors. The survey uncovered important insights about how people discover the region and access information about what it has to offer, the process they go through when planning and booking a trip through to the experience they have when in the region.