2016-2018 Marketing Initiatives - RTO 9

2016-2018 Marketing Initiatives


2017-2018: Marketing Overview

RTO 9's 2017 consumer marketing plan drove awareness to South Eastern Ontario highlighting our destinations, activities and major branded experiences within the region. We're motivated to build a shared voice in conjunction with our DMOs and DMPs. As per the 2017 business plan, we expanded further into the Québec market, launched an exciting new experiential campaign and embraced our new campaign theme, "Do The Things You Love In South Eastern Ontario". Below you will find a presentation delivered to the Destination Advisory Committee (DAC) at The Great Waterway.


2017-2018: Traveller Destination Takeover Campaign

Shooting in July 2017, The Great Waterway deployed a cast, film, photography and content generation crew and they will be travelling across our 8 destinations in South Eastern Ontario. This campaign will spread over 2017-18 and provides a tremendous opportunity to gain more rich media assets, in addition to some exceptional exposure for destinations and tourism operators involved. This experiential campaign will be a significant first-hand showcase of what our beautiful region has to offer.


2017-2018: Branded Experience Campaigns

In summer 2017, RTO 9 launched several Branded Experience Campaigns focusing on the region's core niche activities, including cruising, golf, fishing, theatre & entertainment, food & drink and cycling. The campaign was digitally driven through both online paid media, website landing pages and conversion-focused tactics to generate leads directly our Operator's business.


2017-2018: Targeting Quebéc

2017 was the year that RTO 9 expanded its efforts to target the Quebéc marketing and to provide a greater level of French translated content to the region. Marketing efforts include the development of a French-version of The Great Waterway website, developing a Quebéc influencer earned media campaign and concentrating a greater amount of ad spend into the Quebéc region.


2016-2017: Marketing Overview

The Great Waterway's 2016-17 marketing plan focused on sharing stories from across the region. that focused on the diverse, unique and memorable experiences in our Region. “Far from Ordinary” focuses on the unique attributes of our destinations and allows us to proudly tell our stories. The Great Waterway is merely the umbrella brand where those stories live.