Application for 2022/2023 Partnership Funds - Tourism Businesses Only - RTO 9

Application for 2022/2023 Partnership Funds – Tourism Businesses Only

    Please indicate which category you are applying under (check one box):

    *Maximum 1 application can be submitted per Business.

    *Business must be incorporated or have a CRA Business Number (BN) to apply for funding.

    • Objectives and goals of the project.

    • Identify project stages and milestones.

    • If existing product or event/festival is being enhanced, describe enhancements.

    • Explain the rationale/demand for the project.

    • What is your project’s unique selling proposition?

    • How does your project benefit tourism in South Eastern Ontario?

    3. Project Timelines:
    Provide a complete description of the pre and post activities to be undertaken and the time lines surrounding the activity. Note all projects must be completed by March 31, 2023.


    Time Frame (Start And End Dates)

    Provide the steps you are taking to ensure ongoing Health & Safety protocols are being addressed for/during your project. How will you ensure you remain up to date throughout your project?


    5. Active Partner Contributions:
    Detail partners who are actively involved in the delivery of your project (other businesses contributing to the event, festival, or tourism product experience). Provide information and mutual partnership benefits.


    Contribution (in-kind or financial)

    6. Other Financial Contributions:
    Outline any other funding or grant contributions that you have applied for or have been approved for.


    Financial Contribution (note if the contribution has been confirmed or is pending approval)

    7. Project Budget And Financing:
    Identify and substantiate a detailed project BUDGET using the table below. RTO 9 reserves the right to contact other agencies funding the project as may be required. RTO 9 reserves the right to review estimates of costs and procurement practices for the project. Please detail which expenses you are asking RTO 9 to fund.

    Please note that the minimum contribution is $2,500.00 (some exceptions apply) and the maximum matching contribution is $25,000 from RTO 9. Costs are inclusive of HST.


    Eligible Supported Items

    Total Cost



    50% Amount Requested from RTO 9


    • How the project will benefit the local or regional economy in terms of tourism development in the region i.e. direct impact on job creation, tourism growth, overnight stays, product development, business competitiveness

    • The sustainability plan for the project – describe your ongoing plans for the project.

    • Media releases/ newsletters, social media platforms

    • Placement of the RTO 9 logo and Ontario logo (provided) with a link of website are mandatory.

    • Utilization of relevant RTO 9 and #southeasternontario.

    • When more than one partner is involved in the project, provide letters of commitment from each partner describing their involvement in the project

    • Identify staff resources that have been allocated to the project

    • Identify internal plan for ensuring project success

    • Do you have access to legal services and advice

    11. Supporting Documentation:

    **Additional supporting documents will be required if funding is awarded. These include:

    • Proof of insurance coverage listing RTO 9 as co-insured for the duration of your project

    • Proof of WSIB coverage or exemption.

    12. Past Project History
    Please indicate any past projects that have been supported through the RTO 9 Partnership Fund



    • Utilize #southeasternontario and #discoveron in all social media posts.

    • I understand that all participating businesses must be following the Province of Ontario’s “A Framework for Reopening Our Province” and other current COVID-19 compliance measures.