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The Shifting Tours and Activities Market

As travellers look for more authentic travel experiences, the tours and activities market continues to grow. The market is expected to expand 9% per year, and currently, it is estimated to be worth between $150B and $200B. Internal research by Tour Scanner takes a closer look at some of these key offerings today and consumer behaviour across the globe.


7 Digital Advertising Trends for the Travel Industry in 2020

Skift's report, helps marketers stay on top of changing consumer needs and technology to develop forward-thinking strategies, plans and roadmaps. According to the report, social advertising is going to become much more sophisticated for travel marketers because of new innovations and enhancements being integrated across platforms.

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65 Travel Statistics 2019-2020

Trekksoft developed a collection of current travel trends and statistics of interest for tour and activity operators. The insights presented can be used to support your everyday decision-making and strategic planning efforts.