2023-2024 Marketing Initiatives - RTO 9

2023-2024 Marketing Initiatives

2023-24 Marketing Plan image

2023-2024 Marketing Plan

Objectives: To coordinate a series of integrated seasonal marketing and communications campaigns with our AOR, Alphabet Creative and tartanbond.

Rockport Cruises

2023 Cruise Spotlight Campaign

Destination Ontario and RTO 9 have partnered on a spring/summer-themed spotlight campaign: The 2023 Cruise Spotlight Campaign. This co-marketing system leverages aligned partner planning content/storytelling to inspire travel and direct-to-operator tactics to connect the consumer with buyable experiences in your region. This is accomplished via a $50,000 media buy, funded through a $25,000 RTO 9 partner investment + $25,000 Destination Ontario investment. In-market dates: May 1, 2023 - June 4, 2023. Targeted traffic-driving ads will direct Ontario consumers with an affinity for Outdoor Adventures to our theme-aligned stories as well as directly link to our featured operators’ websites.

SDG, Butler's Laura Good

Culinary Tourism Alliance

The Culinary Tourism Alliance will visit businesses in South Eastern Ontario (SEO) between May 29 and June 1, 2023, and gather photographs, videos, interviews, and information. The focus will be on rural exploration in the western most counties, including diverse and unexpected restaurants; beer, wine, and cider experiences; as well as unique accommodations and experiences. Stops will focus on farm-to-table rural experiences and small towns. The content will be curated to complement ongoing SEO campaigns. A social and digital media campaign designed to compel and attract visitors to the region will be created with the results. The campaign will highlight the region’s food and drink experiences on Ontario Culinary channels, and will include 1 short, social media-ready video highlighting all stops that will be created and shared on all platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), in both landscape and portrait formats, 4 articles will be written and posted on OntarioCulinary.com, as well as posts on social media will be boosted to promote traffic to the content (one per story, as well as boosts for in-market galleries and final video).

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Attractions Ontario

Attractions Ontario has had a long history of working with South Eastern Ontario and advertising its regional members over the years. This year Attractions Ontario has put together a partnership proposal that will not only showcase all that the RTO is doing to benefit its partners but also educate the consumer on all the region has to offer.
The partnership with Attractions Ontario includes:
1. One Page Spread in hybrid Passport Magazine.
2. Regional editorial space to lead section off.
3. Regional Cover of the digital guide to be used as needed.
4. Influencer to showcase products in the region.
6. Social Media sharing on all Attractions Ontario platforms to coincide with regional posts.