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Influencers That Shine & Continue To Rise

Influencer: the term that we have all heard of, but may not necessarily understand.

Let me help you out here. An influencer inspires you to follow your dreams, whether that dream is to slay the runway in a fabulous outfit, to binge-eat outrageous and oversized meals from boujee restaurants, or to travel and experience new and exciting things that are close to home, or even a plane ride away.  

Where to start? Following influencers on social media platforms are a good starting point as it allows you to see a visual representation of what life might be like once you finally decide to step outside of your comfort zone and do something different

Here are 3 influencers that are on their way to the top of their game, and to inspire you:

Rosalyn Gambhir

IG: @rosalyngambhir

Rosalyn is the ultimate blogger, foodie, and staycationer. If you’ve never visited Kingston, or other nearby regions of South Eastern Ontario, after following her page, you’ll be sprinting to this area! Her content consists of insta-worthy eats at local restaurants that are seriously delicious, as well as must-see places along the way. As of right now, Rosalyn has 3,500 followers that are drawn to her aesthetically pleasing photos and a sense of humour on her photo captions. If you’d like Rosalyn to influence people to visit your destination, don’t be shy to contact her.

Patelle & Tony Fera

IG: @lets_discover_on

Patelle and Tony are the ultimate #couplegoals. The duo is constantly on-the-go searching for unique places and events to visit within Ontario. Their experiences are very doable for people of all incomes and offer up kid-friendly experiences as well. They like to keep it real and enjoy themselves while they go on adventures throughout all four seasons. They currently have 1,700 loyal followers that thoroughly enjoy their content and use it as inspiration for weekend getaway ideas. Their YouTube channel offers up great video content that highlights the exciting adventures they’ve gone on.  If they sound like influencers that suit your needs, DM them on their Instagram account.


IG: @winebabesofottawa / @cynspo
Email: /

Cynthia is seriously the best wine babe that Ottawa has to offer. Her content offers up wine-inspo, so you can gather up your gal pals and have the best weekend, like, ever. If you’re having a bad week and need something to look forward to, head on over to her Instagram page to cheer yourself up with some wine-spirational posts. Not only does Cynthia run the @winebabesofottawa account with nearly 1,300 followers, but she is also the creator of @cynspo (check out the website, it’s full of great content!). Her goal is to help as many women as she can slay whatever it is they have set out to do. If you need an influencer that relates to the ladies, hit up Cynthia to make it a reality. 

As you can see, adding influencers into your Digital Marketing Strategy can drastically help to build awareness of your brand, create fun and exciting engagement on your channels, and, of course, increase the number of visitations to your destination. Score! 

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Written by: Sarah Hann