How to Brainstorm and Create Social Media Content for your Business - RTO 9
Oct 25, 2024 | 1000 Islands Gananoque

How to Brainstorm and Create Social Media Content for your Business

Join RTO 9 and Anna Ruck for a morning of hands-on learning of social media video asset creation tactics for your tourism business! This workshop is capped at 25 participants, requires pre-registration and we ask that you limit attendance to one attendee per business/organization to ensure that we are able to assist as many businesses as possible.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

- How to brainstorm and organize strategic video content ideas like a marketer.

- How to organize content ideas to help you create and post video content strategically and consistently.

- How to create videos for social media within Instagram (where to find and how to use all the buttons and features!), including:

  • How to find video content inspiration via the app, save and organize your audios/ideas for streamlined creation.
  • How to choose the right audio and leverage Instagram’s algorithms to create impactful and far-reaching content.
  • How to use the filming functionality within Instagram to create and edit text bubbles, transitions, add a voiceover, captions, etc.
  • How to write effective on-screen text and captions to hook, grow, and create a community of engaged supporters and customers.
Most importantly, you will have an opportunity to create video content during this workshop in a small group coaching setting where you can ask questions and get hands-on assistance on the spot! Attendees are asked to bring some photos and/or video clips related to their business to help them build out their reel during the hands on creation portion of the session (if you don't have any please contact the event organizer for some free to use content).

Event Details

Event Location: Gananoque, ON

Event Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Event Website:

Event Contact Personnel: Meg Dabros

Event Contact Phone Number: 613-983-5215