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Traveller Perceptions

We’ve pulled together valuable resources on traveller perceptions of Ontario and South Eastern Ontario which have been commissioned by RTO9 and/or our partners.

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Summer 2017 Brand Tracking Ontario

Destination Ontario’s summer 2017 Ontario Market brand tracking report provides detailed insight into consumer perceptions of Ontario as a travel destination.

The results showed that Ontario holds a strong position among Ontario travellers for short getaways. Ontario is top of mind, meets the needs of travellers, rates highly, is considered more often. However, familiarity with Ontario’s travel destinations was seen to be its weakness.

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Fall 2017 Travel Intention Study

In fall 2017, RTO9 conducted a Travel Intention Study among Quebec households to gauge their interest and travel attitudes toward the Great Waterway/South Eastern Ontario.

Being physical, seeing different things and having fun are the needs driving destination selection.
While proximity to Quebec made the region a great potential destination, lack of awareness about what South Eastern Ontario has to offer was the biggest barrier to actually booking a trip.