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RTO 9 Launches Research and Insights Hub

KINGSTON, ON – DECEMBER 3, 2018: RTO 9 Launches Research and Insights Hub

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Research and Insights Hub – RTO9’s portal for tourism research, thoughtful perspectives and inspiration to help drive profitable business ideas and innovation in each destination. The Research and Insights Hub is an initiative of the RTO9 Multi-Year Research Plan, which was designed to address the unmet research, needs of destinations and tourism operators in the region, with a key focus on improving the timeliness and reliability of data.

Research and Insights Hub is divided into four key sections:

  1. Our Perspectives: On a regular basis we curate your reading list by providing valuable articles, papers, reports and more to get you thinking and innovating on the common challenges that we face in the industry.
  2. Consumer & Business Research: You need the right information fast to formulate your strategies. This is your access to research and resources on the consumer & business environment impacting the region.
  3. RTO9 Performance: Consistent and high-quality data can help improve your bottom-line and destination planning and development. Take advantage of our easy to use travel analytics report that focusses on digital performance across the region and CBRE’s monthly hotel trends report.
  4. Tourism Economy & Outlook: This is our collection of trusted tourism facts, indicators and forecasts. This research highlights the importance of tourism, helping you to understand where your business stands against past performance and where the travel and tourism is headed in the future.

The Research and Insights Hub will be continually updated as research and the industry evolves.

To access Research and Insights Hub please visit: https://rto9.ca/research-and-insights-hub/

RTO 9 is a regional tourism organization that is funded by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport. RTO 9 actively promotes tourism for the South Eastern Ontario region and works to support and grow the tourism industry through product development and marketing initiatives.

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