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10 Mega-Influencers That Are Sure To Inspire You

We know that tourism operators and/or businesses can benefit from the use of social media and to relate to an audience on a more personal level. At the same time, it acts as an outlet where you can express yourself and showcase your interests in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

Social media is still striving as new trends are constantly popping up! We are all familiar with the term influencer and are probably following a few on our own personal channels. The use of influencers by businesses and operators is an important aspect of modern advertising and marketing efforts. To name a few, an influencer’s content may include travel, fashion, lifestyle, photography, fitness, plus more niche categories!

Influencers may have a large following, engaged audience, or a specific audience you’re hoping to attract. Having a relationship with an influencer that is relevant to your business will build awareness (and sales!) of what you have to offer. 

Here are 10 influencers that are already at the top of their game:

Melissa Mui

IG: @melshangrytable
Website: www.melshangrytable.com
Media Kit

Melissa focuses her content on trendy food and drinks, exciting events, and travel experiences. She is no stranger to the influencing world as she has a whopping 11.5K followers on her Instagram account, making her a prime candidate to reaching a new audience in the Ottawa area. If your consumers crave aesthetically pleasing, Instagram-worthy products, then Melissa is your new go-to gal. This influencer may be especially relevant to food tour operator businesses, restaurants, etc. as Melissa’s content is full of extraordinary foods, and she recently has visited the Cornwall region to work her magic on her social media channels. To see for yourself, take a look at her Instagram stories to see her experiences and her personality shine through. 

Martin Reisch

Twitter: @safesolvent
Website: www.safesolvent.com

Martin is a freelance photographer and videographer that captures unique landscapes and buildings. The content on his social media channels is extremely eye-catching as he plays around with different angles and perspectives through his photos. He has developed a large following on his Instagram page (an impressive 61.3K followers – wow!). Martin has already completed several tourism campaigns for Visit Kingston, Explore Kingston, and Montreal, so do not hesitate to contact him to enhance visitors to your business. 

Isabelle Cheng

IG: @allons.y
Blog: www.theallonsy.com

Isabelle is all things travel and food. Working as a photographer based out of Toronto, Ontario, her Instagram page is jam-packed with high-quality photos of delicious meals and beautiful destinations she has had the pleasure of visiting. Given that the primary channel she uses is Instagram, Isabelle is the ultimate “Insta-girl” to give us all the travel and food inspiration that we so desperately crave. Her follower count is 209K, but will only continue to rise as more and more people are introduced to her awesome-ness.  Isabelle is also all about the blogging scene. Her blog site offers readers a more in-depth look at her content that she posts on her Instagram page as she writes interesting pieces based on the places she visits. 

Kael Rebick

IG: @punkodelish

Kael is a hip artist that showcases unique photos of landscapes, whether that be urban or countryside, buildings, and the natural beauty that mother nature has to offer. Working solely off of Instagram, Kael has an impressive 448K followers that are loyal fans to the content that is posted. If you are in need of an influencer that is capable of capturing a scene/moment that may not be visible to the naked eye, Kael is your new bestie. 

Christopher Mitchell

IG: @travelingmitch / @mstravelingmitch
Website: www.travelingmitch.com

Christopher is your all-around goofy, friendly, energetic, and enthusiastic influencer. Not only does he run his @travelingmitch brand, but he is also the co-founder of Ultimate Ontario and the co-founder of Toronto Bloggers Collective (talk about a busy-body!). The content he posts revolves around the many adventures he has encountered around the world while keeping his sense of humour and personal life intact. He has reached 16.5K followers that truly adore the awe-inspiring, yet somehow relatable,  travel photos. If you are looking for an influencer that is a jack of all trades, Christopher is your guy as he has previously done work for our RTO’s and DMO’s. For more travel inspiration, have a look at his wife’s travel account, @mstravelingmitch.

Ashley Rae

IG: @shelovestofish
Website: www.shelovestofish.com

Ashley loves to fish, and I’m sure her 14.8K followers do too. Ashley offers her audience a broad range of fishing adventures that she experiences in hopes of inspiring others to follow in her footsteps. Not only is she an amazing multi-species angler, but she is also an international writer, public speaker, and a fishing guide! Ashley is especially well known with one of our partners, Lennox & Addington. If you’re looking for the ultimate outdoors expert, then look no further!

Krystle Ng-A-Mann

IG: @dineandfash
Website: https://dineandfash.com/

Krystle serves up some serious Insta-worthy vibes with her travel, food, and style-inspired content. She is living her best life in Toronto, Ontario, where she has access to hundreds of trendy restaurants and shops that gives her the perfect backdrops to snap the most fabulous photos. Krystle is also no stranger to visiting our partner regions as she recently visited Kingston and teamed up with @thecuriouscreature for their adventures in the city.  If you are looking to target a hip, young adult audience, get in contact with Krystle as she has 31.6K loyal followers that simply adore everything she gets up to. 

Anna Ruck

IG: @struckblog
FB: struckblog
Website: www.struckblog.com
Media Kit 

Anna keeps it real while she posts about style, life as a mother, beauty, food, and travel. As an influencer, it’s not always just about posting about how fabulous and lavish your life may be. Sometimes an influencer’s job is to post about the realistic versions of everyday life, while still staying fashionable (power mama over here!) Anna has been an inspiration to thousands of people as she has an incredible 24K followers on her Instagram account alone. If you are in search of an influencer that is able to relate to an audience that is also raising little angels, Anna can definitely be of service to you. Using an influencer that has a little one herself will inspire other moms and dads to take the plunge and travel with their children.


IG: @thecuriouscreature
Website: https://www.thecuriouscreature.com/

Working as a full-time travel and food blogger, Solmaz is living the dream. She is the all-around, picture-perfect example of a balanced lifestyle. She manages to be a #1 mom to her beautiful son, all while experiencing the finest things that this crazy thing we call life has to offer. She is based out of Toronto, Ontario, so she has complete access to all the finest shops and restaurants, and is conveniently located to our DMO’s. If you are in need of an influencer that can relate to young moms that desire an exciting lifestyle, check out @thecuriouscreature, and get ready to be amazed. Oh, and her 16.6K followers is just an added bonus!

Vicki Dignard

IG: @vickidignard5
Website: https://www.happywithvicki.com/
Media Kit

Vicki is the ultimate fashion guru. She serves up some insta-worthy photos throughout her Instagram content that is sure to give her viewers some fashion inspiration. Taking a look at her social media channels, we can see that Vicki is all about visiting those boujee destinations to get the perfect shot. She recently has visited Prince Edward County where she stayed at The June Motel, making her a perfect influencer for South Eastern Ontario. If you are searching for a girly, stylish, and energetic influencer to spruce up your visitation numbers, Vicki is your girl. With her astonishing 22.2K followers, she is sure to make her mark on your destination. 

We believe in the success of our partners, and we want tourists to see the real beauty and fun that is available throughout this region. For further information and tips on how to get your potential influencer to promote your brand, attraction, etc., download our guide to Influencer Marketing

Written by: Sarah Hann